Education School farm

The previous manager of the school farm, Dave Crosby, started leading the farm in 1979 and continued to manage and lead the farm until his retirement in 2015. The farm was formed in 1963, followed by a discussion between the headteacher at the time, Walter Hayes, and the Head of rural science at the time, Mr. Ferguson. The farm started with just three rabbits, but they were soon joined by a range of other animals such as gerbils and birds, plus livestock such as sheep, goats, a pony, and a cow. 

When Dave Crosby retired from the school in 2015, the farm was appointed to current manager Esther Blakey, who has a background in veterinary nursing and college lecturing. Esther re-branded the farm club into The Agricultural Science Unit and has since brought in new types of animals, including setting up a staff dog kennel, an exotics room, and new livestock animals to further enhance learning and understanding of animal management and welfare. 



The Agricultural Science Unit is based at Saffron Walden County High School and we offer a range of Animal care and Animal Science courses to the schools students as well as to students from external secondary schools.

We hold regular fundraisers open to the public, please visit our 'Events' page to learn more about opportunities to visit The ASU

As well as our regular classes we also offer:

  • Birthday parties

  • Nursery visits

  • Primary school trips

  • Large open events including animal interactions

  • Pre Organised talks and visits

We can be very flexible for those that would like to come and learn about or interact with our animals. If you have a suggestion for a visit to organise, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Go Fund Me

The Agricultural Science unit at Saffron Walden County high school is a self funded department within the school, that delivers education and learning regarding all aspects of animal care and management. We as a department are responsible for raising money to support the animals within the unit and we have done this in previous years by holding extra curricular activities and events for the general public.

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have not been able to do any fundraising since Christmas 2019. This had meant we are now struggling to keep funding the care of our animals, and since we had particular difficult winter in regards to the weather, some of our animals enclosures now need repairing or replacing entirely. 

We are hoping to be able to raise some money to buy some materials to repair and replace our animal shelters and fencing until we are able to hold events again. This will mean we can continue to deliver our specialised courses to the students we already have, and any future students that wish to study with us and maintain our high standards of welfare for our animals.


Meet The Animals

Click here to see what kind of animals we have here at the ASU. You will also get to see pictures of each of our animals as well as learning where each of our animals are used.