Degus at the Agricultural Science Unit

Oryctolagus cuniculus

Degus are native to central and northern Chile and can be found anywhere from the costal plains to the Andes mountains. Degus, like Chinchillas, are highly social animals and like to have companions around.

The Degu, or the Common Degu as it is called, is a rodent that is native to the central region of the Southern American country of Chile.

Degus are highly social animals. They are known to live in groups or colonies containing ten or more individuals. These colonies contain both males and females with a higher percentage of females.

Fact Check

Common Name : Degu

Scientific Name : Octodon degus

Type : Mammal

Diet : Herbivore

Group Name : Colony

Avarage Life Span in Captivity :  6-8 years


Size: 25-31 CM

Weight : 170-400 G

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Their teeth are normally a very bright orange colour, this is normal for degus and is usually a sign of good health.