Meet Our Mammals

We have some awesome mammals staying here with us at the ASU. On a visit you can see them up close, hear our Staff  tell you all about them and, in some cases, have a close encounter!


We have Fouroxford sandy and blacks, Three sows, and one boar

We have four British Saanens nannies. Az, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom

We currently have one breeding male Bore goat named Presley. Presly lives currently with our 4 Saanens and one anglo-Nubian. He loves watching over his girls and running the length of his field at breakfeast


We currently have one Anglo-Nubian goat Maisy. Masiy Joined us in early 2021 and at the start of 2022 became a mother to two adorable active goat kids.


We have three Goldern Gurnsey goats who our new to our unit joining us in Agust 2022


We currently have 5 Whiteface Wwoodlands 2 ewes and 3 ewe lambs. Diana, Daisy, Harriet, Hettie  

Our Degu Wotsit 

We have four Chinchillas, Micheal Finnegan, Mrs. Finnagen, Jack, and Jill. Our staff are always happy to talk to you about Chinchilla care and welfare. 


The Asu is home to 12 individual rabbits spilt into different-sized groups.  Our staff are always happy to talk to you about rabbit care and welfare.


We have 19 individual Guinea pigs split into different-sized groups. They are a favorite at our animal handling sessions, so come and learn about their proper care from our experienced staff.


We have four Ferrets, three jills, and one hob. Small domesticated relatives of the European Polecat, ferrets are cunning little carnivores.