Speckled Sussex - Rare Breed

Speckled Sussex at the Agricultural Science Unit

Gallus gallus domesticus

The Speckled Sussex plumage color is a delight to the eye being of rich mahogany base color with individual feathers ending in a white tip separated from the rest of the feathers by a black bar.

Hens occasionally go broody and make fantastic mothers, while roosters guard and protect the flock with dedicated interest. These characteristics are part of the reason why the Speckled Sussex is considered one of the best heritage breed chickens for you to raise.

Speckled Sussex chickens are known for being exceptionally inquisitive and curious

History of the Speckled Sussex

This breed is over 100 years old now. They were first recognized as an individual breed in 1914. Originating in England possibly as early as AD 43, the Speckled Sussex chicken breed is perhaps one of the oldest known breeds.


The Speckled Sussex was first bred into existence sometime in the 19th century, with the Speckled Sussex the first of this line to make its way onto the scene.Today, however, there are multiple variations of this bird available, including a brown, coronation, buff, red, light, white, speckled, and silver version of the breed.

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Fact Check

Common Name : Speckled Sussex

Scientific Name : Gallus gallus domesticus

Type : Bird

Diet : Omnivore

Group Name : Flock

Average Life Span in Captivity : 8 years


Size: 30 – 35 cm

Weight : 3-4Kg

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When they are young, Speckled Sussex chicks have dark chestnut-colored markings around their eyes.