Ferrets at the Agricultural Science Unit

Mustela putorius furo

Ferreting is the use ferrets to drive rabbits, rats and other vermin from their underground burrows. In the case of rabbits ferrets are released into the rabbits burrow to flush them out into nets or traps. 


Small domesticated relatives of the European Polecat, ferrets are cunning little carnivores.

The domesticated ferret can be born with a wide range of fur colours, including dark-eyed white, sable, black sable, silver, albino, cinnamon and chocolate. Out of all the colours that ferrets come in the most common colour that is bred today is sable. 

The ASU Currently is home to 4 Ferrets 3 jills and 1 buck

Ferrets at the Agricultural Science Unit

Since ferrets have been here at the ASU, the staff have been looking for ways to make thier lives better here, whether that be enrichment, enclosure upgrades or even just taking the little noodles for a walk.


This permanent enclouse gives our group of ferrets everything they need from hides to places to climb and dig. Since moving into their new home they have been seen running up and down their tubes and chasing each other around the enclosure. 

The ferrets are definitely a fan favioute of our staff for their playful behaviours to always finding themselves in comedic sleeping positions. The Ferrets never fail to make our staff laugh.

In 2021 the ASU decide that it was time to say goodbye to our old ferret enclosure and build them an entirely new one. This became a big, fun project for the team, seeing how the unit beloved with each stage of the build. After many weeks the project was finished the ferrets had a new enclosure, which only needed to be decorated. This job fell on one of our students who took up the challenge to design and decorate the enclosure as part of his course work, and we think its safe to say that not only did we approve of the new design but the ferrets did too. 


Fact Check

Common Name : Ferret

Scientific Name : Mustela putorius furo

Type : Mammal

Diet : Carnivour

Group Name : Business

Avarage Life Span in Captivity : 10 years


Size: 45-61cm

Weight : 0.7 - 2Kg

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The word ferret is derived from the Latin furittus, which means “little thief.”