Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs at the Agricultural Science Unit

Gallus gallus domesticus

Guinea pigs, also known as Cavies, and are native to South America. Since domestication a variety of breeds, colours,  and coat types are recognised.


Guinea pigs are naturally gregarious (social) animals which  must be housed with at least one other guinea pig to meet their welfare needs.

Guinea pigs communicate with a range of unique noises including a loud, shrill 'WHEEK WHEEK', as well some low grumbles, purrs and squeaks. Many guinea pig owners will tell you that they make a noise when they hear someone coming, the fridge door opening or the crinkle of a packet of kale.

Fact Check

Common Name : Guinea Pig

Scientific Name : Gallus gallus domesticus

Type : Mammal

Diet : Herbivore

Group Name : Herd

Avarage Life Span in Captivity : 4-8 years


Size: 20 – 40 cm

Weight : 0.9 – 1.2 kg

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Baby guinea pigs are born fully formed with fur and teeth and are ready to run around after a few hours