Araucan - Rare Breed

Araucans at the Agricultural Science Unit

Gallus gallus domesticus

Araucanas are great characters, they are a very friendly breed, inquisitive, and easily tamed to come to hand for pets. The cock birds don’t tend to be aggressive. ​


Araucanas are good layers with some strains exceeding 250 green or blue eggs per year.


They don’t like very hot weather so will seek out shade. They are not agile or flighty, and so a 3-foot fence is often sufficient to contain them.

History of the Araucana

In the 1940s George Malcolm developed Araucana bantams starting from crosses with Belgian bantams which introduced the lavender gene. But it was not until the 1960s that the breed was standardised.


Cook originally intended them to be a dual-purpose breed, as they remained in Australia, but poultry breeding in the UK was dominated by the show scene because that was where the biggest profits were made.


Originally imported birds had a range of plumage colours. A succession of British breeders refined this mixture into the black with neat white spots plumage breed.

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Fact Check

Common Name : Araucana

Scientific Name : Gallus gallus domesticus

Type : Bird

Diet : Omnivore

Group Name : Flock

Average Life Span in Captivity : 8 years


Size: Medium - :Large chicken

Weight : 2-3Kg

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Araucana hens lay a blue or green egg. The colour runs completely through the thickness of the shell which is a unique feature in poultry.