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Here at the ASU we currently own 5 goats, 4 does/nanny's and 1 billy.

2 of our nanny goats are British Saanen Goats. This is a large white breed of dairy goat. They are known for having a calm nature and high milk yields. Due to their high milk yield they are a popular choice with large goat farms in the UK. The breed was developed in the UK but with a large influence from imported Saanen Goats. 

The remaining 2 does are Anglo Nubian Goats with a distinctive roman nose this breed come in a variety of colours. Anglo Nubian Goats are another diary breed with a high milk yield and are known for making good cheese and yoghurt. 

These goats are also considered a good cross for meat production 

Our buck is a Boer goat, this is a South African Breed of goat which are known for docile characters. The Boer Goat is bred for its meat. Typically the Boer Goat has a white body and a red neck and head but other colours and markings can be seen within the breed. 

Our goats play a large role in the education here at the ASU. The students get to learn health care, foot care, and we can even use animal friendly paint to demonstrate the anatomy of animal on them. Our students are also always coming up with new enrichments to keep them entertained. We also have the option to put our goats in milk at which point we can milk them by hand.

2022 will hopefully be the first year that we will have goat kids at The ASU. This is an exciting new venture for us and we hope that they will be born before our spring event so that the public can come and visit them!


Common Name: Goats

Scientific Name: Capra aegagrus hircus

Type: Mammal

Diet: Herbivore

Group Name: Herd

Average Life Span in the Captivity: 15- 18 Years

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Size: Head to Tail: 41-58cm

Weight: 20 - 140Kg

IUCN Red List Status:                  Least Concern








Least Concern



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