Oxford Sandy and Black - Rare Breed

Oxford Sandy and Blacks (OSB) at the Agricultural Science Unit

Sus scrofa domesticus

Oxford Sandy and Black is an attractive breed with striking pale sandy to rust colouring with black patches. They should have a long snout with a slightly dished face. They also have lopped ears.

The Oxford Sandy and Black's coat colour allows protection from the sun, OSB cost means they are far less prone to sunburn 

The Oxford Sandy and Black is a docile, hardy breed dealing admirably with all types of conditions.

History of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig

The Oxford Sandy & Black Pig is one of the oldest British pig breeds existing for 200-300 years.

​It is believed that the breed originated and early development occurred in the Oxfordshire region at least two centuries ago. In the 1940s the number of registered boars each year was as low as one per year.

The Oxford Sandy & Black or OSB has reached a crisis point at least twice in its past when numbers dropped so low that extinction was a real possibility.  The first herd book consisted of 29 herds which had 15 boars and 62 sows between them.

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Fact Check

Common Name : Oxford Sandy and Black Pig

Scientific Name : Sus scrofa domesticus

Type : Mammal

Diet : Omnivour

Group Name : Drift

Avarage Life Span in Captivity : 15-20 years


Size: Medium to large pig

Weight : 129-145kg

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The Oxford Sandy & Black Pig is sometimes referred to as the “Plum Pudding or Oxford Forest Pig”