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The Agricultural Science Unit has limited funding that ensures the welfare needs of the animals are taken care of. This ensures that the unit is properly staffed each day of the week, and that there are always the resources available for feeding, watering, housing, health care and covering emergencies.


As any of our long-term fans would know, we are continually trying to expand and improve the ASU for the benefit of the animals and the students. The generosity of the local (and less local) community has exponentially helped us grow, and we are extremely grateful to all of our students, volunteers, supporters and followers. 

How can you support?

There are many ways to support the work we do at the ASU! Here are some ideas.

100% of all donations are used by the ASU to help our unit grow. 

All of our marketing, events management, website and social media content is managed by our staff and volunteers!
Consider the ASU next time you want to book something exciting for your family.

Have a look to see what we offer, and please reach out if you have any ideas of your own. 
Keep an eye out on social media where we publicise our annual summer, spring and winter events!

All profit made goes back to the ASU and the events are run by staff, students, family and friends volunteering their time. 


Please follow, like, comment and share our content on social media.

Each thumbs up is seen and appreciated by the team who manage all the platforms and posts themselves.
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We have put together an Amazon wishlist so our generous supporters can send items directly to us for our animals. 

Our critters always enjoy an extra treat, and there is something for all species - have a look here!

A huge thank you, from all of us at the ASU!

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