Our Events

At the ASU we hold three main events each year to help raise money for the unit and for the animals we also . The three events which we hold are held at three different seasons of the year, being a Easter event, a Summer event and a Christmas event. 

Each of the events which we hold allow the public to come and meet all of the animals which we have here at the ASU as well get to hold some of our smaller animals. 

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Easter Event

Our Easter event is our first event we hold in each year. our Easter Event allows you to look around our craft stalls, take part in our animal handling sessions and view our animal demonstrations. 


Summer Event

The Summer event offers families a great day out to come meet the animals as well take part in our fun dog show classes as well as running your dog over our agility course. Families can also come and look around the range of craft stools we have to offer.


Christmas Event

The Christmas event offers families chances to meet our animals, handle and feed the different kinds of animals that we have, enjoy the craft stools that we have to offer and allows children to come meet Santa.

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Animal Science Kids Camp

Our Animal science kids is camp for children aged 6-12. Our kids camp allows children to enjoy up to 5 days packed full of animal activities. 


Saturday Club

Kids Club runs one Saturday a month from 9:30 to 12:30. Children aged 6 to 11 get the chance to learn about the animals we keep here at the ASU with a different species and activity being introduced every week from sheep and pigs to snakes and geckos!

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment